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36 Technique Focused Seminars, with 36 speakers! Complete course notes and high quality video presentation for each presentation. Can’t view them all in one marathon weekend? Don’t worry! You have ongoing 24/7 access to all of the course presentations!

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All presentations are pre-recorded to make certain you have stable access without difficulty. You do not need a microphone or camera to participate. You will also have download options which will allow you to keep learning, long after the conference is over, essentially owning these presentations in your library forever!

A total of 36 topics, all designed to help you succeed. You do not have to attend all at once on this weekend, view them on your own time 24/7 from anywhere in the world.


Here are just some of the presenters who have committed to this event. Check back, the list keeps growing!
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(All Times are USA Pacific Time – Las Vegas)

Jason Linett 10:00am
The All-Positive Pre-talk

Sheila Granger 11:00am
Evidenced Based Approaches to Weight Loss plus A Life Aversion Technique!

Michael C. DeSchalit  11:30am
Creating Client Expectations

Dr. Birgit Zottmann 12:15pm
Kick Shame out of Your Life

Christina Matthews, LCPC 12:45pm
Strengthening Relationship by Creating Positive Anchors and Collapsing Negative Anchors

Michael Watson, NLP 1:30pm
Power on Purpose: Aligning Logical Levels to Empower Motivation

Karen Hand, Ch.t. 2:00pm
Resourceful Hypnotic Time Travel

Kelley T. Woods, CPH 2:45pm
The Wheel of Life Assessment

Melissa Roth 3:30pm
Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Joni Neidigh, LMHC 4:30pm
The Hypnotic ABC’s of Anger Management

Laney Coulter 5:15pm

Rusty Williams, CPH 6:00pm
Double Your Success: Incorporating Autogenic Training into Your Induction

Alberto Dell’Isola 6:45pm
CBT Hypnosis and Smoking Cessation

Selena Valentine 7:30
Hypnosis for Fertility

Will Horton 8:00

Jeffrey Richards 9:00pm
Lions &Tigers and Bears: A Technique for Conditioning Playfulness

David Snyder 9:30pm
Secrets of Speed Healing: Instant and Rapid Methods for Removing Physical and Emotional Pain

Dan Candell 9:45pm
Quick Change Waking Hypnotic Techniques

Martin Peterson  10:30pm
Something Awesome

Timothy Trajillo 11:00pm
5-Minute Miracle

(All Times are USA Pacific Time – Las Vegas)

Ken Guzzo 9:45am
Real-world Technique for Success with Authentic Hypnosis

Garry Coles 10:45am
(PNI) Psychoneuroimmunology – The Next Big Thing in Mind Body  Medicine?

Rick Paddock, CPH  11:30am
Mind Flipping- A Coaching Approach to Lasting Change

Graham Old  12:15pm
Hypnotizing the Hard to Hypnotize

Miguel Cocco 12:45pm
Influence Formula

Kelli von Hydekampf 1:15pm
Influence Formula

Roger Moore, RHT 2:00pm
Utilizing Alarms: Creating Lasting Change through Mindful Awareness

Tracy Barrett Adams, CPH  2:45pm
Migraine: Three Techniques that Work

Kevin Cole, CPH 3:00pm
Trance-Forming Pain Into Pleasure and Purpose

Matt DeWild, RN, LMT, CPH  4:30pm
Expanding Your Practice with Medical Hypnosis

Kweethai Neill, Ph.D.  5:15pm
Five Elements of Critical Decision making

Steve Stork, Ed.D.  6:00pm
Elegantly Confront Clients with their Lies

Richard Dama, LPC 6:45pm
Cognitive Behavioral Hypnosis

Dan Perez, CPH 7:15pm
The Infinity Room Technique

Stephanie Conkle  7:45pm
How to Turn (Almost) Anyone into a Somnambulist

Tina Pinerio  8:45pm
Ten Things Every Hypnosis Website Needs

Scott Sandland 9:15
Three Pain Control Techniques

Anthony Galie 10:00pm
The Corporate Hypnotist

James Hazlerig, MA, CPH  10:30pm
The Art of Psychosomatic Sialogogy (What to Do if Life Gives You Imaginary Lemons)

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