Dan Candell: Quick Change Waking Hypnotic Technqiues 2018-04-25T11:48:11-08:00

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Dan Candell
“Quick Change Waking Hypnotic Technqiues”

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This online learning experience is being created so you have the tools you need to help people with hypnosis! Hypnosis works, and when you know the right techniques – your results will show it!

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Title: Quick Change Waking Hypnotic Techniques!

Key concept: We all want to be mental magicians, or appear that way! Dan will teach you how to quickly get into your client’s mind using conversational hypnotic techniques that can change their lives, thoughts and feelings within minutes. Upon leaving Dan’s office, a client just commented “I can’t believe that in the last five minutes of the session, you were able to change my mind about something that had been bothering me and holding me back for months! I am ready to crush it!” And she did crush it! Dan will go over three very powerful conversational change patterns that you can use and adjust to fit any client.

Application: How to set up a client for quick change

  • Why quick changes are important and useful
  • When to use them and when not to use them
  • The energetic shift technique
  • The quick change sub-modality technique
  • The location change technique

Biography: Dan has hypnotized over 75,000 people, and has had a powerful impact on thousands of lives. By training and certifying other hypnotists with his powerful methods of change and transformation, he successfully improves his mission to changes as many lives as possible by teaching others to be the facilitator for personal change too. Dan is also a columnist in the Journal of Hypnotism, has a successful podcast for business owners and has been featured by Forbes.com.


Dan began his journey in hypnosis at the young age of 13 when he used hypnosis to overcome a learning disability. Since then, he has been entertaining, speaking, training, and changing lives of thousands all over the world. When you take one of his training, workshops or classes, you join the community of ELITE hypnosis practitioners.

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