Matt DeWild, RN: Expanding your Practice with Medical Hypnosis 2018-04-24T15:43:18-08:00

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Matt DeWild, RN, LMT, CPH
“Expanding your Practice with Medical Hypnosis”

and 35 other speakers for this virtual convention

This online learning experience is being created so you have the tools you need to help people with hypnosis! Hypnosis works, and when you know the right techniques – your results will show it!

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Title: Expanding your Practice with Medical Hypnosis

Key concept: This course will take a very practical approach on how you can expand your practice with Medical Hypnosis. Take your practice from one with open appointment slots to a waiting list of clients that need your services. Learn about the various aspects that Medical Hypnosis can encompass, and ideas on how to incorporate these into your existing practice. Turn medical professionals in your local area into referral generators for you. Get a step-by-step marketing guide to help organize and focus your efforts for maximum results. In addition, participants will receive additional bonus materials containing referral templates, letters to health professionals, follow-up letters, and templates for advertising community events. Matt DeWild is a Registered Nurse, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Certified Hypnosis Instructor with over 20 years experience in healthcare. With his diverse background, Matt is able to bring a unique perspective on how to incorporate or expand your practice with Medical Hypnosis.

Application: 1.) Learner will be able to identify at least 5 key areas of medical hypnosis
2.) Learner will be able to identify medical professionals in their local area to target as referral sources
3.) Learner will be able to to identify at least 6 marketing techniques to gain medical hypnosis clients
4.) Learner will be able to utilize a marketing plan designed to increase the number of medical hypnosis clients

Biography: Matt DeWild RN, LMT, C.Ht, CHI
20+ Years in Healthcare
Registered Nurse – Mental Health, Pediatrics, Trauma Center, Nuclear Medicine, Occupational Health
Licensed Massage Therapist
Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex (P-DTR®) Advanced Level Practitioner
Neurokinetic Therapy® Advanced Level Practitioner
Active Release Techniques® (ART) Full Body Practitioner + Nerve Entrapment Release
Certified Hypnotherapist
Pain Management Specialist with Hypnosis
Weight Loss Specialist using Hypnosis
Certified Hypnosis Instructor
Member of the American Hypnosis Association
Member of the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy
Member of the American Board of Massage and Bodywork Professionals
Owner and Lead Therapist at Integrated Functional Health

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