Melissa Roth: Irritable Bowel Syndrome 2018-04-24T16:35:11-08:00

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Title:  Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Key concept: IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) affects up to 20% of the general population and approximately one out of three adult women. Symptoms are on the rise in the teenage population. After almost 30 yrs of research and treatment, hypnosis remains the most successful treatment approaches for chronic IBS. The response rate to treatment is 80+% in most published studies to date. Conventional medicine, however, has only been able to help 25% of sufferers.
Although IBS is not life threatening it is life changing. Hypnotherapy often helps individuals who have failed to get help from other methods. Using this gut specific protocol, the symptoms do not return when the sessions end. This therapy program has consistently produced the highest success rates in the world since 1996. Come learn the methods that will produce symptom reversal in IBS clients

Application: learn the symptoms of IBS
potential causes of IBS
myths about IBS
learn what else those symptoms could be
outline a 6 session protocol to relive the symptoms 86% of the time

Biography: After healing her own irritable bowel syndrome and fibromyalgia through self-hypnosis, Melissa J. Roth CHt. founded Alabama Hypnotherapy Center (located in Birmingham, AL) in 1995 and has since specialized in medical applications of hypnotherapy. She has developed a number of unique approaches to chronic illnesses which have become the alternative treatments of choice worldwide. She partners with physicians of every specialty to promote hypnosis as an important and valuable tool in the medical arsenal. She has a conversational teaching style that is sometimes heretical, sometimes funny, but always accurate and informative. She teaches from experience.

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