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HOWEVER – We will keep it on file for the next event!

Speaker Proposals

Our next event will be November 9-10, 2019 and the theme is “Step-By-Step Methods for Hypnotic Success” You can submit a speaker proposal here if you are interested in speaking.

I am putting together a 48 hour 2-day virtual online hypnosis conference.  There are 36 speaker slots.  Each slot is 45 minutes. This will be a big event and well promoted. You have been contacted by me, because you have a great deal of recognition and a lot to offer in training other hypnotists. The event will be broadcast over the weekend of Novmeber 9-10, 2019 Those who register for this event will be able to view your presentation online, participate in chat discussions with presenters and other attendees and will be able to download your video and audio for offline viewing and listening.  Registered attendees will have ongoing 24/7 access for a period of 12 months following the broadcast dates.

Here are the requirements:

1.)  You will provide high quality .mp4 video that is 40-50 minutes in length. You will upload this to a platform such as vimeo (with a download link) or provide a direct link to Richard so that your video can be easily downloaded as an .mp4 that needs no conversion, editing or other finishing touches. I will not jump in and out of hoops/logins or other difficulties to download video. Just upload it somewhere, so I can easily download it and load it into the virtual conference platform well in advance of the event.

2.)  You will provide the video no later than October 15, 2019. If you are late, you may be replaced by another speaker without notice.  I am happy to accept your video ASAP. There is no need to wait for the deadline to get it to me.
SUBMIT TO: with the email subject: VHC Final Video

3.) Your video should have original content and be focused on demonstrating a technique that hypnotists can replicate or sharing an idea that is unique and of value to clients. The target market for this conference are hypnotists interested in doing clinical hypnosis. It should focus on clinical hypnosis not stage hypnosis.  It may also focus on the business side of things, NLP, coaching or other related topic of interest to hypnotists. Proper citations and credits are required when appropriate. The idea of this event is specifically on techniques. I am hoping you will explain a technique, demonstrate a technique, and share something that has been helpful to you. 

4.) You may add your links URL etc. to any video. However, videos that are merely a 45 minutes pitchfest for another event or product will not be accepted.

5.) You must provide a PDF with notes to accompany your video, and scripts are highly preferred. You may include any live links in your PDF course notes on ONE page only of your PDF. This is your chance to advertise your services and link to your classes, products, etc.

6.)  Preference will be give to ICBCH members and trainers.  You can become a member here if you are not yet a member.

8.) Although you may use a video that you have previously released, preference will be given to original content created specifically for this event.

9.) Video that is not large enough (720p or larger) and video with poor lighting and poor sound quality will be rejected. If your video is rejected, for quality-related issues you will be replaced by someone else.

10.)  You agree to promote this conference with at least one email to your full list, and at least 3 times to your social media groups, prior to the event.

11.)  You agree to give Richard Nongard, Peachtree Professional Education, Inc.,, ICBCH Professional Hypnosis, Hypnosis Nevada LLC, and Hypnosis Practitioner Training Institute, non-exclusive rights (that means you can use your own video for anything else you want to)  to use and distribute your video worldwide and throughout the universe and/or to incorporate it in other works in any form, media or technology now known or hereafter developed in perpetuity, according to the terms listed above.

TEACHING STIPEND:  Each presenter will get $100.  You will get links to your page and can use your PDF for promotions, and direct people in the video to your product or page – you will hopefully do very well with referrals!

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