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  1. Rick Paddock Mind Flipping – A Coaching Approach to Lasting Change

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  1. Dan Perez The Infinity Room

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  1. Alberto Dell’Isola CBT, Hypnosis and Smoke Cessation Protocol

  1. Kelley T Woods Learn how to incorporate The Wheel of Life assessment tool for your hypnosis and coaching clients. Kelley’s presentation will explain the process and lead you through an experiential lesson.

  1. James Halerig The Art of Psychosomatic Sialogogy, or What to Do if Life Gives You Imaginary Lemons

  1. Garry Coles Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) – The Next Big Thing in Mind/Body Medicine?

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  1. Karen Hand Resourceful Hypnotic Time Travel:

  1. Selena Valentine Hypnosis For Fertility

  1. Richard Dama Cognitive Behavioral Hypnosis

  1. Will Horton Hypnoaddictionology

  1. Sheila Granger Evidence Based Approaches To Weight Loss, PLUS A LIVE AVERSION TECHNIQUE!

  1. Michael Watson Power on Purpose: Aligning Logical Levels To Empower Motivation

  1. David Snyder Secrets of Speed Healing: Instant and Rapid Methods For Removing Physical and Emotional Pain and Trauma

  1. Kevin Cole Trance-Forming Pain Into Pleasure & Purpose

  1. Jeffry Richard Lions & Tigers & Bears: a technique for conditioning for playfulness

  1. Karl Smith Working with Post Trauma

  1. Tracy Adams Three Hypnosis Strategies that Work

  1. Stephanie Conkle How to Turn (almost) Anyone into a Somnambulist

  1. Miguel Cocco Influence Formula

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  1. Kweethai Neill Five Elements of Critical Decision Making

  1. Roger Moore Utilizing the Alarms Creating Lasting Change through Mindful Awareness

  1. Jason Linett The All-Positive Pre-Talk

  1. Dr. Birgit Zottmann Kick shame out of your life

35.)  Anthony Galie   The Corporate Hypnotist

36.)  Steve Stork:  Elegantly Confront Clients with Their Lies

37.) Dan Candell Waking Hypnosis